Naseem Buras
Francesco Gallarotti

Agricultural Technologies

We offer end to end agricultural solutions that aim at enhancing the quality of your products and increase the yield. At koncept sustainability is a first class citizen, hence, in all our projects we ensure that whatever we do, the solution should remain sustainable.

We integrate technologies offered by the internet of things (IoT) and link them to cloud services to collect the data and use them to build models that help farm owners with the forecast of their farms, and use that to drive their marketing strategy.

Automated Systems

Our engineering team designs and implements custom irrigation systems that are best suited for your farm. From large scale to small scale, we build computerized irrigation systems that integrates with a network of remote sensors that controls the flow of water as well as fertilizers in an automated manner.

In addition to that we build systems that offer real time monitoring of the entire farm regardless of the scale of the farm at hand. Provide insights on the current state of the the project.

High Quality Fertilizers

We partnered with some of the world's top producers of fertilizers in europe. At koncept we ensure that the necessary fertilizers are delivered according to the standard and the integration with the system is done by our world class team of engineers and experts.