Building sustainable solutions that take your business to the next level.

Koncept Co Ltd is a culmination of 10 years of global experience. It is built on the premise that clients need integrated solutions that help their business foster. We operate in Sudan and the rest of Africa through our partners. Our expertees covers a wide range of diverse industries.

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Comperhensive engineering solutions

Leading innovative construction group with the ability to successfully setup and execute complex projects Koncept will develop key strategic alliances and sponsorships with major key clients and consultants that help bring credibility and strong relations for future projects.

Software that is built on the highest standards

Crafting software solutions following the industry's best practices. We rely on automating our processes to ensure the ease of implementing changes, and deploying them safely. Our team has immense experience in the deployment of solutions that can scale horizontally, and perform highly under the load.

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Intelligent analytics to empower your business

Our highly skilled, scientific team has a solid experience in building and deploying data pipelines, implementing techniques that utilize the data and offer informative dashboards that guide business decisions. In addition to that, we have the expertees of building predictive models, that can replace the human intervention in some services.

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Precision agriculture solutions

Technology and its applications have evolved. Agriculture is no foreign to those advances. At Koncept, we combine GIS data with specialised sophisticated sensors to help farmers monitor their farms, enhance on the quality of their products and fight off pests.

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Our Team

Our diverse team consist of a wide range of skills varying from mathematicians, software engineers, civil, architecture and survey engineers, medical and agriculture experts.

  • Core Values

    At Koncept we believe in creating a sustainable company culture where collaboration and honesty between us and our clients are key. At concept we encourage and guide each other in delivering and accomplishing our vision.

  • Vision

    Our vision is to build highly collaborative teams that can power excellence. Our values are the core of our company and we prioritise courage, reliability, integrity, value our people and innovation.

Love to hear from you

Our team is happy to hear from you and understand your business needs, and get to know more about what we do.

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